Heinrich Events

Evening reception, lecture and dinner

Session Description

Professor Clive Gamble will be presenting a seminar on how Heinrich events impacted upon the development of Humans.

Session Talks

Clive Gamble

Heinrich events have been seized upon by archaeologists to explain everything from the extinction of Neanderthals to the appearance of Cave Art. In this talk I will briefly examine some of these claims by looking at six Heinrich events and their impact on hominins and humans in Europe, and especially the bio-tidal zone of the continent (Gamble 2009). I will ask to what extent the link between an abrupt climate event and a human response is justified by the evidence. I will conclude with the recent models of Matt Grove (2011a and b) on climate and variability selection to see if that is a more productive way to think about the relationship between climate change and human evolution.


Grove, M. Speciation, diversity, and Mode 1 technologies: the impact of variability selection. Journal of Human Evolution 61, 306-319 (2011a).

Grove, M. Change and variability in Plio-Pleistocene climates: modelling the hominin response. Journal of Archaeological Science on line (2011b).

Gamble, C. Human display and dispersal:a case study from biotidal Britain in the Middle and Upper Pleistocene. Evolutionary Anthropology 18, 144-156 (2009).

Dr. Jennifer D. Stanford, Geography & Environment, University of Southampton